Pradeep Walia: A Profile in Giving

December 30, 2016
When you look at his record, it is obvious that Pradeep Walia knows how to make money. It is also clear that he has the ability to do very well in the face of significant adversity. Through many lifetime ups and downs, he has shown resilience and a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.

In recent times, Pradeep Walia has managed to use his money-making skills to do far more than to cushion his bank account. He was the founder and leader of Atlas Software, a very large technology company, but he is currently more focused on his philanthropic vision. That’s because Pradeep Walia has always cared about those less fortunate, even during some of the worst periods in his life. Even when he had no money to give, he gave his time. He spent a lot of time working at orphanages run by Mother Teresa and he has even helped the future saint give blankets to the homeless, so they could keep warm. These days, through the Pradeep Walia Foundation, he is using his business mind to assist the poor in lifting themselves out of poverty and he is trying to increase access to quality healthcare in places such as India, Africa and even remote areas of the U.S. He just wants to help.